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Unlock the secret code,
hidden within your DNA

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The key to yourself is your DNA

Have you ever wondered why your diet does not work? Or what is the most effective exercise to get that summer body? The answer to these and a lot more questions is actually within yourself. Your DNA contains information that can reveal a lot about how your body works. With the help of our modern lab and bio specialists, we are able to translate what your DNA says about you.

What can you really learn from DNA?

Your DNA is your personal blueprint in this world. No person is the same and DNA is the reason behind that. According to scientists, all the world's data can fit in a DNA drive the size of a teaspoon. OriginalGene helps decode just a tiny part of you, still providing information about more than 160 tested conditions.

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Human Genome

How to get started?

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Order your test from our online store and we will send you your OriginalGene DNA testing kit with detailed instructions on how to provide your sample.


Once your test has arrived, register your kit on our website. We will be able to analyze your results only after you have registered your kit.

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After your kit has been registered, our easy-to-follow instructions located inside your box will guide you in providing your saliva sample.

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Once our lab has analyzed your DNA, log into log into members.originalgene.com, open your results and start exploring what your DNA says about you.
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Now only for $250

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The OriginalGene DNA testing kit offers an easy and affordable way to learn more about the things important to you.


We at OriginalGene are committed to providing you the best possible home DNA testing service.

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