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Who are we?

OriginalGene is a DTC (direct-to-customer) DNA Test provider which offers a completely new direction in the DNA testing industry, aimed at those who seek to improve their health and lifestyle. You might have heard about genealogy or ancestry DNA tests, but your body tells a lot more than that and we are here to translate it for you.

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What we do?

We provide at-home genetic testing services in the field of nutrigenomics and athletic performance, personality traits and health.

Our Mission

We aim to allow people to take a more proactive role in their lifestyle and offer the means for people to learn about themselves.

Our Goal

We strive to help people build a healthier lifestyle by understanding their body.

Our lab

We work with a state of the art, CLIA-certified laboratory.

The OriginalGene
Home DNA Testing Kit

Our DNA package includes:

  • The OriginalGene box
  • A saliva sample container
  • Instructions on how to take the test
  • Pre-paid return labels for our lab

Our Tests

The human genome is the blueprint of a person’s unique combination of three million base pairs of DNA, the building blocks of every cell in the human body. Understanding your secret code of life could not only give you access to interesting information about yourself but help you lead a healthy and proactive lifestyle.

Nutrigenomics and Athletic Performance

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These tests cover the nutritional and fitness needs and sensitivities.

Traits, Personality and Seasonal

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What makes you unique, both genetically and in your personality.

Health-related Predispositions

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Your genetic predispositions for developing various conditions.

Thematically Customized DNA Testing

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Tests specifically designed to meet everyone’s needs.

Comprehensive Reports

We translate your raw DNA data into easy-to-understand and in-depth reports. In addition, our customers receive general recommendations in accordance to the type of their test, helpful tutorials on how to read the report, as well as a terminology guide.

A booming industry

The At-Home DNA Test industry is booming and its potential is limitless. With recent scientific and technological developments, DNA testing became cheaper, creating a whole new consumer market. Just a few years ago, a DNA test would cost thousands of dollars, while today it's cheaper than a smartphone.

*The data includes all at-home genetic testing companies, operating in the US market

DNA Kits sold in the US

12+ Million

Spent on advertising in 2017

$130+ Million

The market's worth by 2022

$10 Billion

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